Driving safe program for schools


The introduction course is aimed at students of Primary and Secondary School, to get values that allow them to behave in a responsible and supportive manner as users of public roads, respecting safety standards.

The introduction course to the Karts Sports Driving, makes children and young people to be more receptive and predisposed to get knowledge of road safety, because the playful and sporting environment of karting make easier to them to develop safe attitudes and behaviours, understanding that the Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, as drivers, as pedestrians and even as travellers.

Standard rate:

  • Kart Alevín (5-7 years) 10€
  • Kart Junior (7-14 years) 12€

School program rate:
The Sport driving course cost 6€ per student, plus taxes,
according to the current legislation, (minimum group of 30 students).

Activity planning

Teaching the importance of having safe and supportive behaviours as pedestrian, traveller or biker. Respecting the rules and adopting safety measures.

Duration: 10 minutes per student in Alevin or Junior Kart category (depending of age).

Trophy for the 3 best drivers (evaluating the technique and the application of the knowledge received) and diploma of participation to everyone.

Learning and having fun

An enjoyable and practice way to teach children the importance to behave in a responsible way on the public road


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