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Do you love motor racing? Have you visited us yet but still don’t get special offers?… Then, this is the right time!

Become a member of the Roquetas and Copo Go-Karting and start enjoying exclusive offers.

You will be able to push yourself to the limit with our new timing system while you try your rider skills and at the same time you will get special discounts and invitations to events, which are only available for members.

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If you buy 3 tickets in 2 months, you’ll get another ticket for FREE

*The free ticket will be for 7 minutes in the same category as the previous tickets.

Buy a single 7-minute ticket and get €1 OFF.

If you buy a DOUBLE 20-minute ticket, you’ll get €2 OFF

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If you’d like to become a member, visit us at our facilities in Copo and Roquetas

Enjoy the new timing system

Karting Roquetas and Karting Copo have brought to their tracks a new timing system which has the latest updates in order to offer the most complete racing experience to all our members.

This system displays to the riders the time in each lap, enabling them to measure their skills, compare and have one more motivation to enjoy racing, overcoming their own score.

The timing is indeed very important for all those involved in a race. On the one hand, riders like to know if there’s room for improvement; the track staff need to know when to start the end of race proceedings and on the other hand the clients want to know when to be ready for a new race.

All our clients will be able to enjoy the race from anywhere in the compound and see what’s going on in the track, change of positions and the race situation all the time through a big video scoreboard that will show the lap times live, the start line before the race, the picture of the members that are taking part as well as the podium with the winners.

Cronometraje - Karting Copo y Roquetas
Awesome advantages in our App

Karting Roquetas and Karting Copo offer their more frequent clients the possibility to become a member of the go-karting. A new way of living the passion for sportive driving in a more dynamic way.

Members will have a personalised card that will allow them to get the discounts, offers and promotions of the karting centre.

Members will be able to manage easily and dynamically from anywhere track booking, live timing, statistics in real time and safety information through a mobile app.

Members will also be able to share their progress and race photographs with their friends on Facebook. A way to enjoy the passion for sporting riding inside and outside the track via social media; inviting or challenging your friends to a new race on the track and compare the results afterwards.