Karting Copo&Roquetas Circuits

Copo El Ejido

TheKarting Copocircuit has modern facilities and technical resources that make it a 21st century kartingmodel.

It stands out for its safety and its modern Sports Cafeteria, spacious panoramic terraces above the circuit, a meeting room, restrooms…

Karting Copo El Ejido

900 metres of adrenaline boost.

Karting Copo was founded in 2004 and its facilities have 20,000 sq m. The track has a span of nearly 1 kilometre, with a very wide track ranging from 10 to 12 metres. Its longest straight line is over 100 metres. It also has a 2,500 sq m children road safety circuit.


Our facilities in Roquetas are one of the most modern and advanced in Europe, in every way, from circuit length and design to digital timing and remote stop. 18,000 sq

Karting Roquetas

100 amazing straight line metres

Karting Roquetas was founded in 1991 and its facilities have an area of 18,000 sq m The track has a span of 860 metres and a track width ranging from 8 to 10 metres, big enough for comfortably overtaking. The longest straight line in the track is approximately 100 metres long