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A safe sporting riding workshop so the children get to know karting as a sport. With this activity we promote leisure and safe sporting riding at the same time: we’r egoing to show them a new sport that is very fashionable nowadays, safety measures, and respecting regulation and their fellow riders on the track,…


Group welcoming and briefing about the history of karting and its evolution, safe sporting riding rules, flags… . .

Safe sporting rinding workshop - Breafing

[LEARN] and have fun

A fun and practical way for students to learn the importance of knowing how to behave responsibly and safely in sports.

8-14 children: €10 per student.
14 or older: €13 per student.

In both cases, it’s necessary to have a group of at least 20 students.

200cc 6.6cv Junior Kart , completely safe and equiped. They will be always monitored by 2 instructors and the school teacher/s.

* +14 y/o students: Kart GT-420 (12cv).

You only need to bring comfortable clothes and sportshoes.

2-hour workshop Monday to Friday in the mornings (11:30h – 13:30h or 11h – 13h) in one of our two circuits, depending on their availaibility. We are in El Ejido (Carretera Almerimar s/n), behind Copo Shopping Centre, and in Roquetas de Mar (Carretera de Alicún km.5.)
(Timetables can be flexible in order to adapt to the needs of each school)

We strictly follow the current COVID regulations, our helmets are disinfected with ozone after each use, and the karts are also disinfected with a special product. Moreover, participants are given a disposable plastic cap before they put the helmet on.

We hope to know from you very soon so we can enjoy a safe fun experience together, at the karts. Contact us through all the media available or fill in the form below.

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If you need more information about our safe sporting riding workshops in our circuits in Roquetas and Copo, send us your query. We will be happy to help you and will try to answer as soon as possible.

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